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Packing Conveyor System

240 BPM Speed
      Tablet Bottle Packing Line
The Packign Conveyor Belt System for online manual packing of various type of Vials, Bottles, IV Fluid Bottles or any product in carton for any Powder Filling, Liquid Filling or

Tablet Bottle Packing Line

. Packing Conveyor Belt suitable for online operation with Double Side Seating for Higher output depending on customers requirement. Packing Conveyor Belt available in any length with 9 inch PVC Center moving belt with two side 10 to 12 inch width Stainless Steel Top for packing operation.

The system can also be supplied with Variable Drive Speed System. Inspection Conveyor can be connected directly to outfeed of capping machine for collection of products for inspection in Pharmaceutical, Food or other industries.

We are also specialize in supplying specially made Packing Belt System for Food Industries having requirement for Exports. Our Packing Conveyor Belt system is suitable for Grapes, Pomegranate or other fruits. We can supply packing conveyor system for Single Layer, Double Layer or Triple Layer operation and final packing conveyor to be connected with Labelling System to apply Label on Punnet or Cartons. Single Layer conveyor can be made of PVC belt of Roller type belt depending on customer requirement. Double Layer conveyor belt having top side roller belt system for movement of heavy weight product crates. Triple layer conveyor belt having top side roller belt system for movement of heavy weight product crates, middle conveyor for transporation of finished and packed products Punnet or Cartons to the labelling machine and bottle belt for collection or movement of product waste etc. Centre belt system also having individual Stainless Steel Top Working Table with facility to use Weighing Scale etc.

We can also design and supply Packing Conveypr as per customers customised requirement for use on any packing line in Pjarmacetuical, Food, Chemical, Pesticide or other industries.

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